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  • NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters)
  • PSPS (Petsitters of Puget Sound)
  • American Red Cross (for Pets)

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Service: TLC and Pet Sitting
Breed: Pit Bull/Boxer mix, Aussie mix, Border Collie, Austarian & Lab mix

While visiting "Paddywhack" pet store I stumbled upon a business card for Nanny Dolittle. I'd been looking for a pet-sitter or someone who can drop in on a long work day and tend to my pack. Some time went by and we adopted a fourth rescue dog. Adjustment periods for the dogs can take some time and extra tending to, so I decided to call the Nanny. We met, reviewed each dog in depth, my expectations for her visits, their expectations and then we created a visitation schedule on the spot. She left with a key to our home and has been coming regularly for over a year.

Nanny Dolittle provides loving care to my dogs that desire it most and endless ball throwing for the other two. She knows exactly what each one needs and intuitively reads them when she visits. I know this because she leaves a note at the end of her visit that describes her stay and interactions with them. What she writes is exactly what we would have done for them had we been home. In addition, we notice the difference in their energy, happiness and general well-being on the days the Nanny has visited.

She is reliable, flexible, trustworthy, accommodating, gentle, caring and provides exactly what she promises. We feel lucky to have her in our pack and the dogs are always excited when we leave for work with the parting words, "The Nanny will be visiting with you today, just rest until her arrival."

Rachael M.

Service: Dog walking
Breed: Pomeranians

Nanny Dolittle has been a wonderful addition to our family. We have been using Michelle's company for dog walking since April 2011, three to five times a week and have been very pleased. We have two adorable, 5 year old Pomeranians that we love dearly and spoil every chance we get. To better manage their high energy, we make sure they get plenty of exercise/stimulation each day. Given that my husband and I both work full time, we usually rely on Nanny Dolittle to do the AM walk, and we do the PM walk. Michelle and her crew have been fabulous with providing great service that is dependable, honest, and reasonable. She communicates well, is very courteous and conscientious, and has always followed through on her commitments. She is very careful about who she brings on to her team (which we appreciate very much) ensuring that they are well screened and well trained. We have been very pleased with everyone from her company that has cared for our pups. We would highly recommend Nanny Dolittle for walking/caring for their furry loved ones!

Terese & Rob

Service: Dog walking and potty breaks
Breed: Toy Spaniel/English Spaniel

When I first "interviewed" Michelle to take my dog for daily walks while I was at work, I was so impressed by how thorough she was. She had more questions for me than I had for her! She had a check off list to make sure she covered everything. I knew I wanted her to take care of Barley before we were done.

Not only does she walk Barley, she truly cares for him. She and her staff leave preprinted note cards letting me know where they walked, about bowel movements (which is nice to know) and anything eventful or interesting Barley may have encountered during his walk. Whenever I have a special request or need to change the schedule, she accommodates me. She is always friendly, upbeat and truly a pleasure to work with.

Not only does Michelle walk Barley, but she does extras that I don't even expect. For instance, bringing in my trash cans on trash day, filling Barley's water bowl and leaving the most thoughtful and adorable gifts for us.

I am VERY picky and would highly recommend Nanny Dolittle to anybody who asked me.

Susan F.


Service: In-Home Cat Sitting
Breed: Domestic Short Hair

OK, so this sweet girl is Sundown. She is a surprisingly social and sensitive cat and, although she has claimed the storage crate here, it could just as easily have been the suitcase when we are heading out of town. We have had other pet sitters in the past, most of whom were gentle and adequate but Sundown has a special way of telling us if she has not received enough �lovin� while we were away. We found Michelle about 3 years ago and could not be happier. She clearly cares about the work she does and her great reputation. We feel completely comfortable with her and our sweet cat is always happy to see us but does not send out the �I�ve been neglected� vibe in any way. We whole-heartedly would recommend Michelle and her hand-picked team for your special ones too. John & Daria Mill Creek


Service: Dog walking
Mixed Breed

Hello, my name is Leslie, and I would like to tell you about a wonderful dog-walker that I have had the pleasure of knowing for over 2 years. Her business name is Nanny Dolittle, but she also goes by Michelle. Michelle has been walking my dog Kasey 2-4 times a week for quite a while. I am a college student and my schedule changes about every 10 weeks, and bless her heart she has managed to fit us into her schedule each time it changes. She works with my schedule, my dog loves her, and she just plainly takes real good care of my little girl. I would recommend her to anyone.



Service: Pet Sitting
Breed: Golden Retriever

Nanny Dolittle has been caring for Jazz; my almost 10-year old rescued Golden Retriever, for almost two years. In fact I adopted Jazz just two years ago. I�m passionate about Jazz�s well being and care. Nanny Dolittle is a second mom to Jazz and always puts Jazz�s well being up front. Nanny Dolittle walks Jazz three days a week while I�m at work and has cared for Jazz during my occasional weekend outing and business trip. Not only does Jazz, and my cat Juliet, get excellent care and love, I get reports on what went on during each visit. Jazz has had some medical issues which require occasional clean-up and continual medications. Nanny has always paid attention to these details and any other special request. Though I hate leaving Jazz home, knowing that she is in the care of such a professional and caring person makes the necessary travel a bit easier. One more note � Jazz was really a tough walk. She is dog cranky and very strong. Nanny Dolittle didn�t hesitate to take up the challenge and she and I have worked with Jazz over the past couple years and it is now a pleasure to walk this wonderful golden girl.

rose bud

Service: Dog Walking
Breed: Yellow Lab

"Im delighted to recommend without hesitation the wonderful, conscientious services of Nanny Dolittle. Rose-Bud-the-Dog attends all client appointments and meetings during the work day EXCEPT when she has her time with her nanny. Given the nature of my work, Michelles attention to schedule, cleanliness, and communication is 100% helpful and appreciated. She picks up Rose and returns her to the office sometimes she arranges a doggie-play-date and Rose-Buds anticipation of Nanny Dolittles arrival and smile on return says it all."

- Karen

chocolate lab/collie

Service: Dog Walking
Breed: Chocolate Lab/Border collie mix

"Michelle has been a lifesaver for me & my dog Kona. It is so wonderful to have the extra care that her services provide to my busy life. I have an older dog that suffers from anxiety and Michelle has gone above and beyond to provide the special care my Kona requires. Thanks so much!"

- Merrilee

amandas cats

Service: Cat sitting
Breed: Tabby

"When I tell my friends about Nanny Dolittle, they tell me I got lucky. I couldnt agree more. Michelle is kind, understanding, and genuinely excited about what she does. I feel very comfortablewith her watching my home when Im away, and knowing she is there allows me to be worry-free. The best thing is thatthe house is in one piece and our kitties are happy when we get home. I would recommend Nanny Dolittle anyday."

- Amanda

st bernard

Service: Dog Walking
Breed: Saint Bernard

"Life never runs as scheduled and having Michelle there to help us out in caring for our dog has been a true blessing. Her flexibility, professionalism and extra mile she goes for our dogs care is something you will not find from many people. I dont know whatwe would do with out her"

- Ben


Service: Dog Walking
Breed: Weimaraner

"Nanny Dolittle's service has been life changingfor me and my dog. Her daily walks brought joy and attention to my energetic puppy while giving me comfort, knowing that my dog was in good hands."

- Matt

chock lab and friends

Service: Pet Sitting
Breed: Chocolate Lab, Yellow Lab, Chihuahua

"I am writing this to recommend Nanny Dolittle for pet sitting. My husband and I spent years hauling our dogs to and from kennels in order to go on vacations - until the age and health of our chocolate lab made the stress of travel unbearable for her. We were concerned about what we would do when summer came round. On a whim I looked up pet sitters ( and through them found Michelle.

The first time I met Michelle she came to my house on time and very prepared. She had a questionnaire that she filled out after asking me the questions. Each animal has its own set of paperwork. I was surprised at how thorough the questions were: Vet information, food, play, where to dispose of the poop! She went on to show me all of her licenses & bond information and explained in detail all of the services she offers.

Since then we have had Michelle come to care for our three pets more often than we had planned- its just so nice to run off to go camping without bringing all three dogs along! Some times we leave the oldest at home- and take the two young ones knowing she will get the best of care while we are gone and some extra rest.

Michelle comes to our house three times a day when we are away to give our old girl her Rimadyl, have bathroom breaks and playtime. She brings in our mail, newspaper and turns on and off lights for safety. Our neighbors have commented on how long she stays and how well she takes care of things.

I would gladly answer any questions you may have about Michelle- feel free to email me (jm.tawrel at"

- Janis

dalmation and poodle

Service:  Special Needs
Breed:  Dalmation,  Standard Poodle

In January 2009 we relocated to the Mill Creek area of Washington with our two dogs. They are used to having a walk at noon everyday with a professional sitter as both my spouse and I work. Thus when we moved 800 miles north of our former home we had the task of finding someone to continue with this daily tradition. The difficulty here was to find someone willing to work with our "special needs" rescued Dalmatian. "Parker" represents a special challenge due to the abuse he was subjected to for the first two years of his life. He is distrustful of strangers and can exhibit fear-aggressive behaviors as a result. Thus it is hard to find someone who will work with him. Our Standard Poodle, "Eli" is just the opposite, so the pair present an interesting duo.

Michelle of Nanny Dolittle immediately won over "Parker" with kindness and her gentle way with him; so much so that she also stays at our home when we are away for get aways. "Eli" and "Parker" now continue their noontime walks and we are so pleased with Michelle's service and loving care of our pooches. Thanks Michelle!, you have our vote of confidence!

J&S and "Parker" & "Eli"

Service:  Pet sitting
Breed:   Birds and Special needs dogs

Not too many of Michelle's clients mention having birds, but we do have them (3), and we are very particular about their care and feeding. Michelle has developed a relationship with all three of our birds and cares for them AM and PM while we are gone. We have been very satisfied with the care our birds have gotten from Nanny Dolittle. Michelle was also been a wonderful petsitter for our two aging dogs in their last years. Michelle made sure our two dogs were kept comfortable and well looked-after when this kind of care is very important for two older pets. When we returned from our vacations we found that our dogs were relaxed and happy. We now have two new pups and are looking forward to introducing them to Michelle and continuing our relationship with her as a quality sitter to our pets.

Paula J. Jones

Service:  Pet Sitting
Breed:   Siamese and Russian Blue Cats

You will have peace of mind and happy pets upon your return if you use Nanny Dolittle! I just wanted to let anyone considering having Nanny Dolittle (Michelle) watch their pets know�that we love her!! Our fuzzy babies enjoy their time with Michelle. We have had other people watch them while on vacation and they always seems so depressed upon our return home, but with the care of Nanny Dolittle they are bouncing around and happy to greet us. There is no pouting and giving us the cold shoulder. Clearly they are very well taken care of while we are gone�sometimes we think she actually spoils them more than we do! We have used the services of Nanny Dolittle for the last three years and have always come home to happy kitties!!!

The Schiebel Family

Carla T., Mill Creek, WA.

Nanny Dolittle has been part of our 'family' for the past 2 or 3 years, coming into our home every day while we're at work to walk our 120 lb. Golden Retriever for an hour. They go all over our community, taking different paths to give the dog some variety. They give him lots of love, freshen his water, and give him a treat--from a dog's perspective, and ours--what's not to love? They fill out a daily report so we know exactly what happened and where they went during their visit. When we need extra help with an additional walk and feeding after work, they seem to always accommodate our busy schedules and work life. The owner, Michelle, is a wonderfully kind person who really cares her clients and their pets. She's very knowledgeable about animals--she even warned us when dogs were being poisoned in our area. I trust Nanny Doolittle implicitly with our home and our beloved dog, Cheyenne. I'd rate them 10 stars.

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